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Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas Alumni - USA


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Jaffna Teaching Hospital


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                       Jaffna Library                                               Facutly of Medicine                                             University of Jaffna

Notice Board

  • JMFOA (USA) Local Chapter AGM in Cincinnati Ohio, USA. April 4th 2020 and Tour April 3, 2020 Cancelled due to the prevailing situation.


  • JMFOA (International) 16 AGM to be held in Sydney, Australia on July 4,5, 2020 and Post event tour to Bali, Indonesia have been postponed due to the prevailing situation. 


  • Fundamental Critical Care Course (FCCS) to be held in Jaffna (May 15,16,17 & 18) and in Kilinochchi (May 20,21,22 & 23) by JMFOA- USA have been cancelled due to prevailing situation.