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  Non Profit Organization in USA- 501-C3 (Tax ID: 20-1986761)


Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas Alumni - USA



  • Students sponsorship program for eligible students. Under this program around 40 students received financial assistance monthly during the difficut period. Currently discontinued to support other programs. 


  • Furnishined the student’s lecture hall with state of the art equipments including audio-visuals materials,  air conditioning  to maintain ambient temperature as well as practical  and comfortable furniture. Total cost of the project around US$ 70.000.00 This facility will be used by the students and staff for future conferences, seminar and lectures.


  • Supports various student welfare programs which directly or indirectly benefit them.


  • Supported Dean’s fund for emergency expenses.


  • Supported Jaffna Teaching Hospital Fund for emergency expenses.


  • Maintain vital links with Jaffna Medical Faculty as well as Jaffna Teaching Hospital to help the students and staff educational and research activities.


  • Bring together individual physicians graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka who are residing outside of Sri Lanka.


  • Organize scientific and educational activities to benefit the members including conducting educational seminars, CME etc.


  • Maintain directory for Physicians graduated form Jaffna Medical Faculty who are residing overseas.


  • Make contributions to organizations with similar interests which have been approved by JMFOA.



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